5 Features to Include in Your Restaurant Mobile App


In this day and age, a business establishment that doesn’t have an app will go out of business in the few months after its initial launch. That is because an app can bring a lot of benefits not only to the business owners themselves but also to their customers.

This is true, especially for restaurant owners. If you are looking to create an create iPhone app for your business, it is important that you know which features you should include in it.

In this article, I will talk about the 5 features that you should definitely implement in your upcoming mobile app.

  • Menu, Description, and Pictures

People would want to know what they’re ordering, so an online menu of your different dishes would really help. Furthermore, you would want to add additional descriptions and being specific really helps.

For instance, if you’re offering soup as an entrée, what main ingredients does it contain, among other things.

In addition, it has been found out that also including some pictures can really boost your sales given that people can actually see what the meal is going to look like in actuality.

  • Online Orders

Your guests want to have the ability to pre-order their meals so that whenever they go to your restaurant, they can just eat immediately.

This benefits you in a lot of ways. First, it allows you to know which foods people prefer to order. Second, you can know which times of the day are considered peak and off-peak hours so you can adjust accordingly. Third, because the ordering process is much faster, customers will be pleased with how fast a transaction can be.

Also, adding an “Add to Order” button beside every dish really helps so that they can just choose as many foods they would like to order in a much more convenient and efficient way.

  • Payment Processing

This is especially important so that people can just pay you online. Integrate the most popular payment processing options like Apple Pay/Android Pay, Paypal, and even some popular Online Banks as well.

By integrating these different payment options, it makes it easier for both parties to get the job done. It is easy for your customers as they can have a variety of payment options to choose from and it also benefits you since every transaction is guaranteed to be secure.

  • Online Reservations

People want to be assured that they have seats that they can take whenever they visit you. Yeah, they can call you via phone and make a reservation, but that can be too much of a hassle for some people who do not have access to your contact information.

Including an online reservation feature is a must for a restaurant mobile app. This can be beneficial to you as well since your front line will know roughly how many people are going to dine in for the day.

  • Ratings and Reviews

Google and popular search engines make this as their criteria for businesses to rank higher online. Giving your customers the ability to give ratings and reviews will bode well for your business. And, this somehow forces you to ensure that every dish is made of great quality ingredients and of course, some love.