5 Features to Include in Your Restaurant Mobile App

5 Features to Include in Your Restaurant Mobile App


In this day and age, a business establishment that doesn’t have an app will go out of business in the few months after its initial launch. That is because an app can bring a lot of benefits not only to the business owners themselves but also to their customers.

This is true, especially for restaurant owners. If you are looking to create an create iPhone app for your business, it is important that you know which features you should include in it.

In this article, I will talk about the 5 features that you should definitely implement in your upcoming mobile app.

  • Menu, Description, and Pictures

People would want to know what they’re ordering, so an online menu of your different dishes would really help. Furthermore, you would want to add additional descriptions and being specific really helps.

For instance, if you’re offering soup as an entrée, what main ingredients does it contain, among other things.

In addition, it has been found out that also including some pictures can really boost your sales given that people can actually see what the meal is going to look like in actuality.

  • Online Orders

Your guests want to have the ability to pre-order their meals so that whenever they go to your restaurant, they can just eat immediately.

This benefits you in a lot of ways. First, it allows you to know which foods people prefer to order. Second, you can know which times of the day are considered peak and off-peak hours so you can adjust accordingly. Third, because the ordering process is much faster, customers will be pleased with how fast a transaction can be.

Also, adding an “Add to Order” button beside every dish really helps so that they can just choose as many foods they would like to order in a much more convenient and efficient way.

  • Payment Processing

This is especially important so that people can just pay you online. Integrate the most popular payment processing options like Apple Pay/Android Pay, Paypal, and even some popular Online Banks as well.

By integrating these different payment options, it makes it easier for both parties to get the job done. It is easy for your customers as they can have a variety of payment options to choose from and it also benefits you since every transaction is guaranteed to be secure.

  • Online Reservations

People want to be assured that they have seats that they can take whenever they visit you. Yeah, they can call you via phone and make a reservation, but that can be too much of a hassle for some people who do not have access to your contact information.

Including an online reservation feature is a must for a restaurant mobile app. This can be beneficial to you as well since your front line will know roughly how many people are going to dine in for the day.

  • Ratings and Reviews

Google and popular search engines make this as their criteria for businesses to rank higher online. Giving your customers the ability to give ratings and reviews will bode well for your business. And, this somehow forces you to ensure that every dish is made of great quality ingredients and of course, some love.

A Guide to Safe Betting

A Guide to Safe Betting

Gambling is rising as a noteworthy movement in the UK, USA, and Australia. With the multiplication of the web-based gambling industry, it is no big surprise that an ever-increasing number of individuals presently get themselves a piece of some casino or bingo site.

A huge number of individuals everywhere throughout the world invest energy playing internet gambling recreations consistently to win genuine cash. Regularly it is seen that a portion of these players do fall into the device of over the top gambling and lose their cash and resources with expectations of getting immediate delight from winning a bet. Based on Live Casino Online Malaysia, there are approaches to remain safe and bet sensibly with the goal that it doesn’t transform into a habit.

  1. Know your diversion

Ensure you comprehend the diversion you are playing and your chances of winning or losing at it. Keep in mind that despite the fact that it is about fortunes you must be sure of the way that you will have the capacity to shoulder misfortunes on the off chance that you confront any.

Dotty Bingo guarantees that you encounter bingo on your versatile in the manner in which precisely as you do on your PCs and workstations. Like the online variant, when you make your first store on the website – you get 10 free twists to the Immortal Romance diversion and a reward offer worth 250%.

  1. Adhere to the financial plan Image result for financial plan icon

Try not to make unnecessary wagers. Be down to earth and ensure you comprehend you recognize what you are getting into. Make a month to month spending plan pronouncing the amount you will spend gambling. This will enable you to recuperate regardless of whether you confront a ton of misfortunes consistently.

An extraordinary method to adhere to a financial plan while getting the chance to play to your profound longing is by utilizing on the web bingo advancements.

  1. Try not to wager when the chances are against you

It is prescribed to play with a little gathering of individuals rather than in a room loaded up with many players. The reason is exceptionally basic when playing in a huge room, betting enormous can cause overwhelming misfortunes as the chances are against you, while, in a little room you have more odds of winning a wager in a bet. So, try to consider the extent of the room and additionally the measure of cash you can bear to lose before making a wager.

Obviously, we advance sensible, sheltered and secure gambling consistently. On the off chance that you advance from free play to genuine cash play, knowing your points of confinement and adhering to them is vital and each site we notice will have subtleties on their pages of assistance in your area should you require direction or help.

Can Alcohol Affect Stem Cells?

We all want to be ‘young, wild, and free’, right? When we are young, we frequently go to live events and we drink alcoholic beverages until we get so drunk. The excessive consumption of alcohol to the point that you get drunk is known as binge-drinking.

In fact, binge-drinking has become a major concern for the people in the UK. Many of the youngsters are making parties and they consume copious amounts of alcohol. Although there are information drives that warn them about the possible effects of drinking too much of this kind of beverage, people just do not care about it at all.

However, new studies have found that drinking too much alcohol can actually have a negative impact on your stem cells.

Binge-Drinking and Stem Cells

The study involved four adolescent monkeys and they were given some alcohol throughout the week for a period of 52 weeks (or one year). If you’re asking why monkeys are the preferred test subjects, this is because they have similar brain development mechanisms such as ours.

Over the course of 52 weeks, the monkeys were given alcoholic beverages for, at least, an hour a day, every day. This is to induce binge-drinking behavior that is similar to what our youth are doing today.

Just two months before the end of the year, the monkeys’ brains were examined and they were then dissected after a period of one year.

It is also important to note that the researchers have also gotten a hold of some monkeys who were not given any alcohol (considered as the Control Group).

After dissecting the monkeys who were given alcoholic drinks, they found that the monkeys who were consuming alcohol have far fewer stem cells than the monkeys who don’t.

In fact, the difference was so significant in that they’ve declared a lot of up to 90% of the total stem cell count in the monkey’s brains. This is quite alarming given how important stem cells are to our bodies, let alone our brains.

This study could give us the reason why many adolescents are alcohol-dependent when they reach adulthood. It is probably due to the low stem cell count and also because of the sensation they feel when they consume alcohol.

Criticisms About the Study

As you can tell, there are certain criticisms being raised about the study. For one, the monkeys were given alcohol for one hour every day. This really doesn’t equate into real-life given that teenagers only binge-drink every weekend or so.

Furthermore, for the most part, teenagers abstain from the consumption of alcohol for pretty much most of the week. And, there are even some instances where they do not consume any alcohol in a week at all.

Binge-Drinking Must Stop

Even though there are many criticisms about the study, we shouldn’t discount the possibility that drinking copious amounts of alcohol can, in fact, affect the stem cell count in our bodies.

This is not to say that you should never drink alcohol, but this is just to say that if anything, drink in controlled moderation and never drink for long periods of time.